Dutch Airline KLM and Train Tickets, Florida Governor and Student Database, Trump and Lawsuit, Rents and Income, Trump Polling and Registered Voters, Next Generation, Citizenship to Census, R Kelly and Child Pornography, Trained Employees, and Human Rights Case for Russian Woman 07-11-2019
Yemen Forces, British Parliament Conditions, Sex Offenders Registrations, Labor Secretary Steps Down, Sanctuary Cities, Gun Owners in New Zealand, Undocumented Migrants in France, Alexa and Health Advice, and Australia and Indigenous Australians 07-12-2019
Orange Groves in LA Country, New Jersey and Terminally Ill, Kris Kobach and Senate Race, Desegregation, Raising Wages and Minimum Wage and Job Loss, Brand New Congress, and Daily Newspaper Circulations 07-13-2019
School Desegregation and Test Score Gap, FTC and Facebook Fine, NYC and Department of Health and UTI Infections, Operation Thunderball, Brazil and Aggression Towards Journalists, Delta Donates Meals, and Host Directions 07-14-2019