Anti-Trust and Profits, Election Systems, Dream Center Holdings and For Profit Colleges, Jewel Vaping Company, IRS and Nixon Tax Returns, and Deforestation in the Amazon 07-29-2019
Flight Attendant Protests in Hong Kong, T-Mobile and Sprint Merger, Voting Security, Village Church Sexual Abuse Victim, Marines Arrested, and NYC Audit and Roof Repairs and Building Maintenance 07-30-2019
IRS and Cryptocurrency, Economic Growth, Strippers and Organizing, Riot Police in Moscow, Safety Concerns and Boeing, Louisville Schools and Achievement Gap, Ebola Outbreak, and Russian Forest Depletion 07-31-2019
Catholic Charities and Donations, Uganda and Sewer Problem, Trump’s Attack on Cummings and Baltimore, Environmental Groups and Disaster Rules, Fake Facebook Accounts, African Americans in the Revolution, Walmart, Ransomware Attacks, Family Definition and Zoning, Homeownership Age, and Free Internet 08-01-2019