Customer Debt, Act Blue, Restaurant and Hotel Workers, Homeownership Rates for Hispanics, Internet Access, Restaurant Eats and Uber Eats, Younger Voters, Poverty, Civil Servants in Hong Kong, Congressional Staff Forced Out, and HUD and Housing Discrimination 08-06-2019
Mass Shootings, Social Security Payments, Immigrant Families and Children, State Parks, Russian Government Investigations, Piglets, Older Adults and Binge Drinking, MIT and Non-Union Workers, Catholic Orders of Nuns, Local Newspapers, and Whats App in Africa 08-07-2019
Australia and Minimum Wage, Forested Areas in France, Mozilla Volunteers and Workers, Affordable Housing, El Paso Walmart, Russian Interventions in the Ukraine and Personal Debt, Taxes and Mortgage Interest, France Hover Jet, Working on Sunday, Hong Kong Flash Mob Protests, and 8Chan Site 08-08-2019