Katy Perry Damages, Humiliating Women Website, Pollution, Medical Journals, India and Muslim Status, Cancer Patients, New Zealand and Abortion Law, Non-Unanimous Juries, Mass Shootings, 8Chan, and Paycheck Processing 08-09-2019
Snake Bites, Myanmar Military and Genocide, Methane Emissions, Los Angeles and Solar Electricity, Computer Education, Honduras Poll, Anti-Muslim Campaign in India, AMA and Pot Laws, Revenue, Afghanistan and Mental Health, and Dartmouth Sexual Assaults 08-10-2019
New York State and NRA Board Members, FDA and Drug Therapy Prices, Presidential Candidates and Tax, State Department and Visa Applications from Mexico, Houston Road and Trees, ICE Raid in Mississippi, Trump and Mass Shootings, Drug Related Deaths, Dublin Rent, and Uber and Transit Deals 08-11-2019