Women and Sexual Assault, President Trump and Ukraine, NLRB and College Teachers and Assistance, Climate Strike, Mitch McConnell and Election Protection, Walmart and E-Cigs, University in Belgium and Signing, New Mexico and Free College, and Young Hong Kong Protestors and Ride App 09-22-2019
Free and Fair Market and Amazon, Department of Homeland Security and Domestic Terrorists, White Parents and Leadership Roles, Climate Strikes in Germany, Nurses at Tenant Hospitals and Strike, and Catholic Priest and Radio Maria and Rural Poland 09-23-2019
Beekeepers and Honey Bees, Japan and Paternity Leave, Weather Disasters and Displacement, Federal Reserve and Drivers, Toronto Raptors, Extraterrestrial Matter, Food Stamps, LA Urban League and Trump Justice Department, Image Nut and Photo Id, NRA Board, and Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay 09-24-2019
Union Organizing Efforts and Progressive Institutions, Presidential Race, Abortion, House Districts, Protestors in Hong Kong and Chinese Businesses, Napping, and National Security Letters 09-25-2019
Thomas Cook, Boris Johnson Scandal, US Population and Older Adults and Media Images, Tax Payers and Abortion, Strike DC and Climate Change, Chinese Flag in Hong Kong, and Fact Checking Books 09-26-2019