Coalition of Death Alley March Arrests, Industrial Belt in Louisiana, Foresters, Amazon and Seattle City Council, Reading Scores, Twitter and Political Ads, Hong Kong, Chile and International Conferences, Uber and Guarantee Wage, Fine Particulate Pollution, GAO and Drilling in Gulf of Mexico, and House of Representatives and Impeachment 11-03-2019
Trump Residency Change, Working One Hour a Week, Unpaid School Lunches, Protests in Bolivia, Chicago Teacher Strike, Islam and French Society, Fake Local News, Unpaid Care Giving, Colombian Farmers, Debunking Software, Student Data Assistance, and Delhi Toxic Cloud 11-04-2019
Beto Drops Out, Sidewalk Labs, DHHS and Discrimination, Free Market and Casino Effect, President of Autoworkers and Corruption, European Farm Subsidies, Hotel Tonight and Sunday Stays, Trump and Evangelicals, UK Fracking, Alzheimer’s’ and Wandering, and Drunk Driving Tests 11-05-2019