Oil Market, Immigrants and Health Insurance, Thefts of Intellectual Property, TicTok, Jane Fonda, Chile Protests, Clothing and Footwear and Greenhouse Gases, Minimum Wages, Coffee Benefits, and Astrologer and Ronald Reagan 11-06-2019
Paris Climate Agreement, NY and Trump Taxes, Premature Birth Rate in Louisiana, Consumers and Economy, Protests on Iraq, California and Housing Crisis, Prison Rates, Digital Assistance and Hacking, Utah and Navajoes in County Commission, Plastic in the Ocean, and the Unemployment Rate 11-07-2019
Phone Records and Trump Assault, Ukraine, Trade Gap, Federally Recognized Tribes, Italy and Climate Change, Emmett Till Memorial Alarm, Detective and GED Match in Florida, National Traffic Safety Board, Bicycling Deaths, Colleges and Exclusivity, Working Class Protects, and Voters 11-08-2019
New Jersey and Health Care Systems and Affordable Housing, Farm Towns in the US, New Orleans Lead Testing, F Rated Public Schools, Federal Judge and Health Care Workers, Moderate Voters, Civil Servants in Zimbabwe, Kansas City Voters and MLK Street, Tuscon Arizona and Sanctuary, Boston City Council, New Jersey and AirBnb, and Facebook and Privacy 11-09-2019
Congressional Lawmakers and Tax Breaks, Spying, Habitual Actions, Fruit Servings, Mother Jones and National Housing Prices, Pesticides, GAO and Taxpayers and Oil in the West, US Homes in Flood Zones, Trump Foundation Fines, Harriet Movie and 504 Queens, Escorting Undocumented Migrants, Philippines and War on Drugs, and Voters 11-10-2019