State Department and Resigned Staffer, Emmett Till Vandalism, Plastic Waste, Factory Job Loses, Political Campaigns and Digital Advertising, World Mercury Project, Arkansas Little Rock School District, Firearm Sales, Germany and Immunizations, and Duck Boat Sinking 11-18-2019
New Media Newspapers, Planned Parenthood Suit, Roger Stone Guilty, Private Insurers and Payments, Wealthy and Tax Rate, Protests in Iran, Federal Student Loan Applications, Hong Kong High Schools and Protests, Pedestrian Deaths, Saudi Arabia and Extremism, and Germany and Luxury Tax on Tampons 11-19-2019
Spain and Far Left Deal, Border Agents and Electronic Devices, Louisiana Governor Elections, Pakistan, Antonia and Speeders, Cameroon, Rent Seeking Industries, Catholic Church Marriage and Family Policy, and Women in the Legislature 11-20-2019
Minimum Wage Increases, FedEx Tax Cut, Environmentally Responsible Companies, Social Media and Division, Festival Recycling, Quakers, Children, Dollar Tree and Dollar General Tax Incentives, Arabic Language on the Web, and Gas Prices in Iran 11-21-2019