Uber and Deaths and Rapes, NLRB and Google Engineers, March in Hong Kong, Sleep Out, California and Insurance Moratorium, and Hugh Grant Doorknocking 12-11-2019
Private Sector Workers, Justice Department IG and Trump Investigation, Russia and Olympics, Afghanistan War, France and Poverty, Sleep Apnea, Finland PM, NRA Investigation, Nike Employees Protests, Arrests at Southern Border, Trump and Low Income Immigrants, Age in British Politics, and Trump Impeachment 12-13-2019
National Disasters, Afghanistan, EU and Farm Subsidies, Young People in Germany, Hospital Waiting Times in England, French Unions Strike, CMS Official and Personal Service Contracts and Reimbursement Claims, Public Policy Foundation, Loan Relief, Opioids and Tuff, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Policies, and NC Children Hospitals and Heart Surgeries 12-14-2019
Visas to the US, NAFTA Agreement, Conservatives in Parliament in Britain, NLRB and McDonald’s Settlement, Jail Populations, Insurance Payments and Medicare, Facebook, and VA Investigation 12-16-2019