Bolivian President and Political Asylum, EU Leaders and Greenhouse Gases, Poland, Images of Child Sex Abuse, NLRB and Election Process, JP Morgan Chase and Discrimination, Belgium Carnival and Antisemitism, and Infectious Diseases 12-17-2019
Melanie Trump and Bullying, Asylum Seekers at Mexican Border, Justice Department and Live Nation, Italy Sardines Movement, Amazon and Cloud Computing, MOMA Finances, Faith and Work Movement, Universities and Slavery, and Government Shutdowns 12-18-2019
Poverty Level, Holocaust Survivors, Opioid Overdose Treatment, Climate Change and Paris Agreement, Food Deserts, Methane Regulations, NYC and New Developments and Homeless, EPA and Hurricane Harvey, Childcare Credit and Poor Children, ER Visits, and India Responds to Protests 12-19-2019
PM Johnson, Seizures, Medicaid Work Requirements, NLRB and Dues Check Offs, ESG Funds and Marketing, Gifts for Heroes, Retirement Accounts, and Casinos and Email 12-20-2019
FCC and Broadband, Net Social Security Benefits, FBI and Wiretapping, France and Pensions, Estonia Apology, Pope Secrecy Rule, Surprise Medical Bills, Housing Bubble, Insurance Mandate, Self-Employment Income, and Non-Traditional Work 12-21-2019