Forecasting Traffic, Teenagers and Newspaper, British Elections and Conservative Seats, Finland Homeless, Honduras and Dengue Fever and Climate Change, Trump Administration and Science, European Commission and EU Funding and Brexit, and Texas and Development 01-01-2020
American Air Strikes in Iran and Iraq, Re-education Program in China, Political Prisoners in Nicaragua, US Population Growth, Texas Judge and Infowars Settlement, Japanese Criminal Process, and HIV Prevention Medicine 01-02-2020
Nurses and Doctors and Documentation, Trump Scientists and Policies, Senator Collins and Impeachment, Food Stamps and Health Care Spending, Budget Deficit, and Death Row in Malaysia 01-03-2020
Uber and Postmates in California, Voter Rolls, Illinois Governor and Pardons, Greens Party, Earthquakes and Aging Building, Flash Floods in Indonesia, and Rubber Prices 01-04-2020