Foreign Corruption Act, Minimum Wages, Articles of Impeachment, Customers and Sustainability, Free Public Transit, Democratic Debates Viewership, Refugees, European Cave Paintings, Rapes and Arrests, and White House and Ukraine Money 01-19-2020
Democrat Polling, Sign Stealing Scandal and Astros, YouTube Advertisements and Climate Change, Cell Phones in Prison, Richmond Protests on Gun Control, Disability and Gender, and IRS Whistle-blower and Mormons 01-20-2020
School Nutrition Standards, Netflix Disney and Apple and Nature Shows, Oprah Winfrey and Russell Simmons and Assaults, Medicine, Decatur Illinois and Suburbs, Social Media and Mental Health, and Women and Choice 01-21-2020
Electoral College Voters, Johnson and Johnson Penalties, Italy Five Star Movement, Washington Women’s March, Global Network and Isabel dos Santos’ Fortune, Queen Elizabeth Deal, Senate and Cameras for Impeachment, Clean Energy, and the National Archives and Trump Edits 01-22-2020