NY and Global Entry, NASA Astronauts Return, Tom Perez and Iowa Democratic Party, Puerto Rico and Insurance Claims, Migrants Aid, Broker Fees, Utah Mining and Drilling, and Iran Labor Movement 02-07-2020
Chinese Doctor Hero Dies, Johnson and Johnson Settlement, Agriculture Pesticide and Brain Cancer, Agility Tests and Female Police, Unanimous Jury in England, US and Life Expectancy, Exports to US, Texting While Driving, New Foundations, River Conservation, Pay Gaps, and Iowa Caucus Results 02-08-2020
Federal Judge in Brazil and Greenwald Case, Coronavirus and Fatality Rate, Mississippi Law and Rural Internet, Organizing Protections, Catastrophic Coverage, Finland and Paid Parental Leave, Trees and Climate Change, 5G Hardware, Twitter and Russia, and iPhone Passcodes 02-09-2020