Florida Supreme Court on Felons Voting, Administration Assistant Jobs, Witnesses Fired by White House, Race and Wages, Cluster Bombs, Black Voters, Emissions Standards, Newsroom Employees, Ireland Political Party, Scurvy Deaths, Visa and Contact-less Sales, Hawaii Groceries, Venezuela and Oil Production, and Missing Children 02-10-2020
Manhattan DA and Malcolm X Death, Private Wealth, Confederate Monuments, Algorithms, Brazil and Welfare Programs, Mobile Phone Scams, UK and Agriculture, Sexual Geography, GDP, and Pine Bluff and Housing Supply 02-11-2020
Louisiana Tobacco Revenue, Utah and Mexican Drugs, Hacked Files, Click-bait, 737s, Coronavirus Deaths, Ireland Polls, Iowa Caucus Totals, Right to Vote, Public Land and Dog Parks, Swiss Voters and Sexual Orientation, Online Scams and Funds, and Homeownership 02-12-2020
Independent Contracts in California, Spanish Oil Company Carbon Footprint, New Orleans Firefighters, Trump Budget Proposal, Thailand Coups, Homeless in California, Protests in Canada on Pipeline, Domestic Violence and Gender Discrimination, Obesity, Parasite Film, and Climate and Tech 02-13-2020