Japanese Possessions, Rosenwald Schools, Delhi and Women’s Protest, 1930s and US Textbooks, Terrorism Tool, Drone Strikes, Federal Forum Program, NY Subway Stations and Bathroom, Flight Disruption, and NY Courts 02-19-2020
Chinese Population in the US, Homeless Vets, Multi-generational Households, Barr and Roger Stone, Rental Payments to Credit Agencies, Jeti Cloud Computing Contract, LA Pot Convictions, Bio-weapon, Amazon Earth Fund, Physicians and Pelvic Exams, and Assisted Living Suits 02-20-2020
Latino Population Growth, Kickstarter Union, UAWE, Boy Scouts Bankruptcy, Trump Clemency, Renters, World Bank Payouts, Nebraska Medical Center, Turkish President, Department of Education and Student Loan Resolutions, Democrat Polls, and NC and Voter ID Law 02-21-2020
Floating Hotels, Seattle City Council and Evictions in Winter, Clinical Trials for Drug, Methane Power, Louisiana and Medicaid Rolls, Executions, Airline Flight Delays, Poverty, Britain and Immigration, and Methane Emissions and Fossil Fuel Emissions 02-22-2020
Boy Scouts and Compensation Funds, Rich Cities, Florida and Voting Rights for Felons, Mexican Women’s Groups, Companies and Time to Vote Initiative, Russian Election Interference, CitiGroup and Louisiana Highways and Guns, Yellow Taxis, Roger Stone Sentence, and Student Loan Debt 02-23-2020