Civil War in South Sudan, Oklahoma Tribal Nations, Left Digit Bias, University of Southern California and Tuition, Google Lawsuit, Utah and Polygamy, Veterans Loans, Wells Fargo Settlement, Virginia and Public Sector Workers, Bail Bond Industry, and Walgreens and Workers 02-24-2020
Check Fraud, Germany and Right Wing Extremists, US Women’s Soccer Team, Nevada and Sanders, Greyhound Bus Lines and Homeland Security, Medical Scientists and Obesity, Medicare Advantage, 9 Million US Citizens Living Overseas, and Doctors and Survival Rates of Premature Babies 02-25-2020
Law Enforcement in the Bahamas, Ballot Marking, Gun Ownership, Netherlands and Food, Canadian Charity Investigation, Legacy and College Admission Rates, Pope and El Salvadorian Saint, Weinstein and Sex Crime, Assange Hearing, and Two Parent Households 02-26-2020