RS Hiring, Poor as a Protected Class, War on Germany, Argentina and Abortion Rights, Taxing the Rich, Turnover in Trump Administration, Seniors Living Alone, Women in Prison for Violent Crimes, and Race and College Admissions 02-27-2020
New Orleans Advocate and Court Dates, Legal Immigration, Women in New Jersey and Voting, Groundswell, Investor Concern and Oil Sands in Canada, Job Markets, Global Warming, Working Elderly, Opera Singer and Sexual Harassment, Family Planning Centers, Mexican Homicide Rate, and Military Interrogation 02-28-2020
Fonts, Conservatives and Feelings, Coronavirus, Funding, Indonesian Populations, Opioid Settlements, Phone Call Surveillance, Fashion Designer and Sex Trafficking, NLRB and Joint Employer Status, Students and Free Tampons, Hong Kong Labor Department and New Unions, and Hospital Strike 02-29-2020
Tesla Fatality, Colorado Nonprofits and Wolves, Immigration Arrests and Costs, Planned B and India, Death Toll in Delhi, Super-polluters, CIA and Prisoners, Airlines and Self-Boarding Gates, and 1 Day Strike by Mexican Women 03-01-2020