Covid-19 Tests and Infected, 14 Day National Shutdown, Older Households, Student Debt, NFL Contact Vote, Real Estate Board of NYC and Evictions, Far East of US, Russians and Free Lands, News Guard and Misinformation, Nursing Homes and Staff, Democrat Polling and the Stock Market 03-18-2020
Domestic Actors, Election Dates, France Shutdown, Germany, Coronavirus Cases in US, Student Loans, Financial Institutions and Payments, Banks, and School Closures 03-19-202
Harvard and Hospital Beds Study, Japan and Criminal Cases and Juries, Russian Court and Term Limits, Russian Shell Companies and Election, Apple Fined in France, Google Virus Website, Amazon Hiring, Paid Sick Leave, Starbucks and Therapy, Mask Wearing, All States Have Coronavirus, and Biden 03-20-2020