Coronavirus, Europe and Foreign Travel, Cash Payments, Worker Layoffs, China and Journalists, Illinois Elections, Virus Survival, Homeland Security Internal Watchdog, Food Stamps and Jazz Fest, Houston and Foreign Born Population, Germany Laptop and Classified Information, and Unemployment 03-21-2020
Gig Workers and Sick Leave, Working from Home, Virus Lockdown and Pollution, Australia and Foreign Travelers, Assembly Line Workers, Denmark and Payrolls, Zoom, New Zealand Lawmakers and Abortion, Wisconsin Election, Facebook and Bonuses, Biden, Medical Workers, NLRB, Census, and Germany and Far Right Movement 03-22-2020
California Shelter in Place, State Department Warning, Health Insurance in Louisiana, Black Students and Hispanic Students in NYC, Trump Approval Rating, Rainy Day Cushions, Tax Deadline, Senator Sell Stocks, Closed Schools, Stock Market, and Large Chains and Restaurants 03-23-2020
Georgia Senator and Stock Sell Off, Workers Bonus, 1918 Inequality, ACA Enrollment, Face Masks, News Sites, and Vendors and Cash Payments and Hospital Revenue 03-24-2020