Louisiana and Affordability and Child Care, Messy Desks, John Hopkins Scorecard, Netherlands and Private Firearms, Park Service and Cell Towers, Evictions and Renters, Nursing Homes, Olympics, Burnout, UK and Companies, and the Risk of Death 03-25-2020
Small Business and Monthly Expenses, Public Spending and the GDP, Disease Treatments, PGE and Manslaughter Charge, Shut Downs, UK Locked Down, Paid Sick Leave, and NY Post and Ventilators 03-26-2020
Speech Recognition Technology, Abortions, Wind Energy, Degree Costs, Louisiana and Weekly Unemployment Benefits, Children Without Health Insurance, ACA and High Deductibles, Bloomberg Employees, Social Isolation and Dementia and Health, SARS Epidemic, and India Travel Restrictions 03-27-2020
Twitter and Toxic Conversations, India and National Census, Airport Health Screenings, Census Data and Same Sex Couples and Children, Extra Hospital Beds, NYC Hot Spot, India Lock Down, Trump and Easter, GM and Ventilators, Wealthy Households, Women in the Troops, Cost of Lives, and States and Unemployment Benefits 03-28-2020