Traffic on Social Media, Distillers and Hand Sanitizer, Face Masks, Coffee Beans, Texas Abortions, Senate Bill, New Orleans Coronavirus Deaths and Louisiana, Download Speeds, and Foreign Ministries Meeting 03-29-2020
Venezuelan President and Drug Trafficking, Unemployment Filings, Trump and Reopening Country, Hypertension and Diabetes, New Mexico Foster Children and Trauma, Escobar’s Hippos, Lock Down in India, Johnson & Johnson Superpoppy, and Boris Johnson Tests Positive 03-30-2020
Coronavirus Worries and Stress, Brazil and Reopening Schools, Army Corps of Engineers and Dakota Pipeline, Brees and Donation, Hotels, Turkey Indictments, Ban the Bags Ban, Supplies, FCC and Internet, Ventilators, and Bailout Program 03-31-2020
Eviction Courts, Medical Care and Discrimination, Nonprofits, Indian Lock Down, Full Service Restaurants in New Orleans, Instacart Nationwide Strike, and Health Care Inflation 04-01-2020
Agriculture Prices, Go Fundme Campaigns, China and Divorce, Health Individuals and Masks, Stay at Home Guidelines, Electronic Devices, German Workforce, Hobby Lobby Owner and Antiquities, Lies, and Homebuyers 04-02-2020