Essential Industries, Brazilian Drug Gangs, Germany and Salary Benefits, Pension Funds, Bangladesh Factory Workers, Stimulus Program, Refugees, CDC and Masks, Attorney General Barr and Early Release, and Stay at Home Orders 04-08-2020
Berlin and Business Benefits, Muslims in India, Sailors on Theodore Roosevelt, Hospital Payments, Chronic Pain, Marriage Rates, Next City and Small Businesses, and the Library of Congress 04-09-2020
Patient Network, China Outbreak and Travel, Elderly Spouses, Legal Pot, Russian Doctors and Covid Infections, Economy, Covid Deaths, Chinese Students Abroad, and CNN Audience Growth 04-10-2020
Covid Virus and Racial Impact, Million Mask Challenge, US Supreme Court and Age Discrimination, Louisiana and African American Deaths, Navy Secretary, School Absentee Rates, Fair Shake and Arbitration, and Boris Johnson 04-11-2020
Spain and Domestic Violence, Toxic Water, Trump Administration and Hospitals, Insurance Refunds, Pentagon Removal on Stimulus Fund, EEOC Notices, John Prine Dies, They All Look Alike, Navy Secretary Resigns, and CDC and Louisiana Nursing Homes 04-12-2020