Jordan’s Prison Population, College Tuition Refunds, Older Tool Found, In Person Church Services, Workers and Benefits, Undocumented Immigrants, Cuban Medical Crews, Urban Migrants, Access to Private Space, Navy Secretary and Guam Flight Costs, and Covid and Smoking 04-17-2020
NFL and Players Drug Tests, Mail Ballot Elections, Assange’s Children, US Sailor Dies, Elections Postponed, Health Care Costs, Grocery Sales, Doctors Control Professional Entry, Wisconsin Elections, Drug Marketing, and the Business Roundtable Pledge 04-18-2020
Trump Administration and WHO Funding, Royal Powers, Lying on Stomach and Lung Capacity, School Nutrition Standards, Food Expiration Dates, Russia and Alcohol Consumption, Hotel Workers, Emission Rules, and Amazon and France 04-19-2020
Reese Witherspoon Dresses, Biden, WHO, Massachusetts Contact Tracing Program, NYC and Masks, Paycheck Protection Program Funds, President Trump and Adjourning Congress, Relief Money and Garnishment, and Arizona Absentee Ballots 04-20-2020
Texas Democratic Party Lawsuit, Unemployment Claims, Poverty, Covid Testing, Senate Contests and Democratic Funds, IRS Payments, Wages and Benefits, Application of Food Stamps in Louisiana, and Cuts in Corporate Taxes and Repurchasing Shares 04-21-2020