High End Apartments, Fuel Efficiency, New Jersey and Sexual Assault Case, Education Secretary and Private School Funding, Kramer and Aids Crisis, Trump Fact Checking, Trump Endorsements, Covid Death Total, and Domestic Water and Arsenic 05-29-2020
Louisiana Companies and Tax Breaks, Drones for Sanitation, UN and the Economy, Pharmacies and Opioid Crisis, Nursing Homes and Government Aide, Covid Drug, Costa Rico and Same Sex Marriage, Block Clubs and Covid, Mushrooms, Riots and Police Killing, Liability for Social Media, and San Francisco and Tax on Landlords for Vacant Property 05-30-2020
Cash Money and Rent, Unemployment Claims, Car Parking, CRA, ACLU and Clearview AI and Online Photos, Covid Deaths, UWA and Sexual Harassment, George Floyd, Churches and State Restrictions, Federal Student Loan Forgiveness, Ballot Requests, and Honduras and Security Forces 05-31-2020
Union Bus Drivers and Protestors, Facebook Pages, G-7 Meeting, Affordable Housing Unions, Space X, Kansas Senate Seat, Trump Polling, Absolute Mobility, Venezuela Coup, and Ethiopian Elections 06-01-2020