Meat Packing Industry, Tenant Screenings, Store Closings, Mexican Killings, Tate Museum, Israel and West Bank, Nonprofit and Money Transfers, President of Brazil and Supreme Court, Target, Buying Guns, Bolivia, and Colin Kaepernick and Legal Representation 06-02-2020
Columbia, Remote Work and Homebuying, Businesses and Great Recession, Middle Income Households, Debt, Government Aide, Trump Photo Opt, Virus Deaths, Ochsner Health System Covid Patients, Low Income and Middle Income Countries, Flight Attendants, and Economy 06-03-2020
Putin and Term Limits, Voter Purges in Wisconin, NYC Police Twitter Account, Court Watch NOLA and Domestic Abuse Cases, Minneapolis Schools and Police Contract, Protests, Minnesota Human Rights and Discrimination, Primary Elections, Facebook and Hate Speech, and Publicly Traded Firms 06-04-2020
Former Secretary of Defense and Military Force, Trump Polling, Senator Cotton and Protests, UAW President Pleads Guilty, Snap Chat Trump Account, Robert E Lee Site, Britain Immigration Rules and Hong Kong, and Sports Venues and Budgets 06-05-2020