Mail-in Ballots in NY, Small Business Loans, Social Media and Social Justice, Black Lives Matter, Seasonal Laborers, University of Mississippi and Confederate Statue, Pandemic and Inequality, Trump Campaign Rally, and Tribal Funds 06-22-2020
Police Deaths in NYC, Ecuador and Body Bag Contract, Japan and Unemployment Rate, Federal Minimum Wage, Consumption Decline, Johnson and Johnson and Skin Whitening Products, Covid Deaths and Age, Eskimo Pie, Poverty Rising, and Minneapolis Police Force and Race 06-23-2020
Tulsa Trump Rally, Corporate Debt, Biden and Campaign Funds, Cash and Card Using Households, Health and Delayed Care, Trump and Work Visas, Square and Credit Card Transactions, Sweden, Voting, South Carolina and Demonstrations, Voting Absentee, Rental Evictions in NYC, and Republicans and the ACA 06-24-2020