Evictions, Malls, Housing Market and Recession and Black Wealth, WHO and Airborne Particles, Trump Hurricane in Alabama, Illinois Public Health Order, Black and Latino Covid Patients, Utility Companies and Pipeline, and Crime Rates 07-07-2020
Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians Name Changes, What’s App and User Data in Hong Kong, China and Medical Supplies, Car Accident Deaths, Bank Accounts, Drive-in Theaters, Women and People of Color Firms, Immigrant Detention Program, Presidential Electors, Dakota Access Pipeline, Roma People in Europe, Testing Shortage, and Small Business Loans 07-08-2020
Kaepernick and Disney, Government Backed Debt, Brazilian President has Covid, Surge Testing, Sweden Experiment, Deutsche Bank Fines, JP Morgan and Bank of America Fees, Visas for International Students, Identity Politics, and Sanders in Battleground States 07-09-2020
Civil Rights Audit and Facebook Hate Speech, Public School Teachers, Sun Run Merger, WHO and United States, CFPB and Predatory Lending, Exempting Employers from Birth Control, Urban Wages and College Degrees, United Airlines Employees, and Generic Drugs 07-10-2020