Tenant Households, Decolonization, Hermann Cain, Black Americans and Hazardous Waste, Race and Environmental Organizations, Argentina Debt, Uber and Lyft Drivers in NY, EU and Polish Cities, Migrant Workers and Remittances, France and Heaters, Google Traffic in Brazil, Michigan Union Members, 19th Amendment, Truck Sales, and State Income Taxes 08-04-2020
Chile Economic Crisis, New Orleans Restaurant Closing, Louisiana Mortgages, Voting in Person, Mortgage Loans, Protest Leaders in Israel, Trump Personal Banker, Arkansas Labor Force, NYC DA and Trump Bank Fraud, Mail Voting, Transportation Sites, Walmart Physical Disability Test, and Facial Recognition Software 08-05-2020
Execution Rate, Ginkgo Trees, Pentagon Position, Covid Cases Among Youth, Court Records, Grocery Costs, Racial Segregation, Covid Deaths, Mail Ballot Voting, Medicaid Expansion, Storms, Permanent Residents, Conservation, and Kris Kobach Loses 08-06-2020