California and Bar Exam, Fiscal Support for Higher Education, Fires and Urban Interface, Covid Cases in South and North Dakota, Online Users, Property Rights, Homeworker Hours, Work Space, Corporate Spending, Tax Rate, CEO Pay and Tax Revenue, Racial Justice, and Covid Vaccine 09-16-2020
Data and On-Time Delivery at the USPS, Food Insecurity, Domestic Violence, Crew Members at Sea, Columbia Massacres, Data Collection in Texas on Covid, Paris and Sexual Abuse, Drug Prices, Postcard on Voting, Biden and Legal Operation, Clean Missouri, and Poverty in Venezuela 09-17-2020
DHHR Covid Comments, Hazardous Pollution and Covid, Mandatory Acceptance of Cash, WFP Ballot Line, Temporary Protected Status, Children and Secrets, Trump Farm Aid Program, and Wisconsin and Mail Voting 09-18-2020
2020 Election and Data Exchange, Catholic School Closings, Coal Industry, Dams, Voter Turnout, Covid Cases, Rock Musicians in Russia, Hungarian University Protest, and Alabama Prisons and Cell Phones 09-20-2020