Banks and Suspicious Activities, Women and Childcare, Pebble Mine, Trump Tax Returns, Absentee Ballots, Political Activities on the Job, and Protecting Jobs and Workers 09-25-2020
Cares Act and Charitable Donations, Census, Supreme Court Justices Salaries, Reporter Arrested in Canada, Mail in Ballot, Players Alliance and Black Participation, Statins, Workers as Independent Contractors, CRA Rules, Opera Protest, and the Saints and Masks 09-26-2020
Human Rights Priorities, British National Trust, DOL and Independent Contractors, Louisville Police, Unemployment Stimulus, Chinese Detention Sites, California and Gas Cars, Economy and Jobs, and SEC and Shareholder Rules 09-27-2020
Trump and Covid Vaccine, Police Shootings, Unemployment Filings, Broadcasting Agency Ignores Subpoena, Trump and Election, Census, Facebook and Disinformation Networks, BCLS and Anti-Trust, Kentucky Politician Felony Charge, and India and Foreign Contributions 09-28-2020