Canadians and Language, Wuhan, Former President of Ecuador, Facebook and What’s App Messages, Senator Bernie Sanders, NYC and Twin Towers and PTSD, Medicaid Income Requirements in Alabama, Cervical Cancer, Rent Payments, and Feeding America 04-13-2020
Stub Hub and Ticketmaster and Refunds, Group Homes in NYC, States and Absentee Ballots, Verizon and Wireless Calls, Internet Traffic, Electric Use, Chile and Informal Workers, Living Alone, Unemployment Benefits Filings 04-14-2020
State Farm and Premiums, Median Net Worth and Age, Texas and Abortion, Hospitals and Surgeries and Income, Registered Voters, Mail Voters, Coronavirus and Nursing Homes, and Hospital Capacity 04-15-2020
Alex Jones and FDA and Fake Remedies, Black Owners and Business Owners, Cigarette Usage, Bills for Single Family Homes, Trump and Food Stamps, Northern Ireland Government and Abortion, Disaster Loan Programs, Masks in Public in Europe, Building Structures and FEMA Guidelines, Indian Slums, and Trump Administration and the Pandemic 04-16-2020