Covid-19 Relief Package, Green Cards and Immigration, Treatment Drugs, Chipotle Settlement on Tainted Food, Paycheck Protection Program, Roommates, Russians and Election, Gag Hours for Hospitals, Voting by Mail, Protecting Waterways and Climate Change, and Discretionary Income 04-27-2020
States and Bankruptcy, Covid-19 Vaccine Doctor, Food Shortages, Protests, Lesions and Dementia and Polluted Air, Covid Hot Spots, Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hawaii, and Unemployment 04-28-2020
Federal Support and Teachers, US Airline Prices, Government Forms, Fancy Cars and Pedestrians, Ecuador Deaths, Sharing Intelligence, Navy Officials, Stimulus Bills and Tax Breaks for the Rich, Covid Shutdown and Budget Deficit, Balloon Payments, FEMA and Masks, and Auto Sales Company and Government Funds 04-29-2020