Self-Dealing Suit on Trump, DeVos and Micro Grants for Private Schools, Paralegal in San Antonio, NYC and Stay at Home Order, Warehouse Worker Unions, Rapid Covid Test, Informal Workers, Unemployment, and Electricity 05-16-2020
Education Secretary and Surplus Money for Colleges, Retail Chains and Bankruptcy, McDonald’s Dining, Michigan and Free College, Job Loss and Income, Mexican Cartels and PPE Protection, Covid Scams, France Fines and Tech Companies and Hate Speech, and Freeways and the Homeless 05-17-2020
President Trump and Inspector Generals, Industrial Production in China, Women in the Service Sector, TSA and Temperature Checks, Justice Departments and Google Anti-Trust Violations, Drugs, Crowding, School Districts, Nursing Homes, and Returning to Work 05-18-2020