Lady Antebellum, NYC Schools and Discrimination, Border Lawyer Arrested, Flynn Case, Tulsa Rally, Amazon Investigation, Race Protections and Transgender Patients, Business Protections and Covid and Liability Waivers, and George Floyd Video 06-14-2020
Blacks and Covid Deaths, Louisiana Governor and Pipeline Protests, Facebook Workplace, Workers over 65, Rapid Response Collection, Identity Checks, Peruvian Households and Running Water, Paris and Electric Bikes, Tucker Carlson, Facial Recognition Software, Starbucks, Statue in New Orleans, and Atlanta Police Shooting 06-15-2020
Mississippi and Confederate Flag, Texas Lynchings, Vaccines, Voting Behaviors, Internet Archives and E-books, Voter Registration, ERIC and Voter Lists, Act Blue, Companies and Layoffs, Race and the Courts, and Protestors and Tracking for Voter Registration 06-16-2020
Signal and Data, Gay and Transgender Workers, Britain and Class Movement, Japan and Power Harassment, Hurricane in Alabama, Tear Gas, FDA and Malaria Drug, Transportation Subsidies, PPP and Charter Schools, New Mexican Statue Protests, Insider Stock Trading, and George Floyd Protests 06-17-2020