Black Workers, Mount Rushmore and Trump, History Museums, Social Media Misinformation Teams, Evictions, Mark Meadows and Economic Needs, Pennsylvania and Nursing Homes and Vets, Policing Reform, Gambling, and AC Filters 08-10-2020
Protestors in Bolivia, Foreign Residents in Japan, Jim Crow Laws and Mexican Americans, Covid in Mexico City, Simon Property Group and Amazon, Children and Covid Risk, Monthly Mortgage and Rent Payments, Youth in Thailand Protest, and Mail Ballots 08-11-2020
States in the South and Unemployment, Oil and Gas Companies and Coastal Damage, Global Emissions, Price Gouging, Seattle Police Chief, Police Support, Trump and Payroll Taxes, College Football, Gun Deaths in Britain, Mexican Bribe Scandal, Lebanon Health System, and Anti-Abortion Laws 08-12-2020
San Francisco and Uber and Lyft, Congressional Elections, Voter Registration, NY Times and Chinese Communist Party and Hong Kong, Rogers Sentenced, Indian Food Deliver Firm and Period Leave Policy, British Economy, GDP, Online University, and Vet and Clinic Revenues 08-13-2020
Fierce Protests and Lebanese Government, Sexual Harassment, Physicians, Amazon and Satellites, Public Health Teams, Belarus Protest Over Election Fraud, Algerian Journalist, Hong Kong Newspaper Arrests, Methane Emissions, Peru and Oil Mining, Kamala Harris, and Big 10 Postponement 08-14-2020