Human Rights Laws, College Students and Jobs, Alcohol Consumption in China, FDA and Plasma Treatment, College Sports and Revenue, Black Players in NFL, Paycheck Protection Loans, Jobs and Covid, UAW and GM, Covid Mortgage Loans, Rental Payments, and the Republican Convention 08-27-2020
Jerry Falwell Jr Resigns, NY Attorney General and Trump Assets, Greenland Ice Sheet, Plasma Therapy Data, Move than a Vote, Drug Prices, Europe and Jobs, American Academy of Pediatrics, Rent, Army Corps and Alaskan Mine, Gun Sellers on Facebook, and Airline Furloughs 08-28-2020
Athletes on Strike, Children and School, Hurricane Laura, Educational Preference Poor Neighborhoods and Weather, Unemployment Claims, Native American Executed, and New Zealand Life in Prison Case 08-29-2020
Justice Department and Covid Patients and Nursing Homes, Foreign Governments and Election Interference, UAW President in Michigan, Employers and Covid Cases, Hurricane Laura and Confederate Monument, Auto Parts Company and Nazi Past, TikTok, NBA Players, and Drug Plans and Medicare Plans 08-30-2020